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Astral Soul Vibes

Astral chart or natal chart

Astral chart or natal chart

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The birth chart or astral chart is a photograph of the sky at the time of your birth, it is like your fingerprint, what makes you unique and marks the agreements and learning agreed upon for your incarnation.

With it you will be able to make a deeper analysis of everything you came to learn, enhance your abilities and shed light on all those unfavorable aspects that will ultimately allow you to evolve and comply with the agreement.

Remember that the stars propose but it is you who disposes, so it is up to you to use this report as a guide that gives value to your life and allows you to live it to the full.

You will receive your birth chart or astral chart in PDF format. With information on:

✨Your sun

✨Your moon

✨Personal planets

✨Inner planets

✨Outer planets



✨Moon nodes

✨Fortune Point


✨Half Heaven

This will arrive in an approximate time of 72 business hours, to the email you indicate when making the purchase. Remember that the calculations made will be made based on the data provided, so it is important that you check that they are correct and fill in all the requested fields. Name, email, language in which you want us to write your letter, date, time and place of birth.

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