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Composite chart

Composite chart

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The composite chart is created by combining the positions of the planets of two individuals, whether they are a couple or close collaborators. This process results in a unique astrological map that represents the unique energy of the relationship itself. Just like a masterpiece, each composite chart is a unique blend of the elements and aspects present in the individual birth charts.

What makes the composite chart particularly intriguing is its ability to reveal the strengths and challenges inherent in the relationship. Planetary aspects and the positions of the planets in different astrological houses shed light on the nature of the connection. From communication to emotional compatibility and power dynamics, the composite chart provides a deep insight into the forces that shape the relationship.

You will receive your composite chart in PDF format, including information about:

✨ Your Sun

✨ Your Moon

✨ Personal planets

✨ Inner planets

✨ Outer planets

✨ Chiron

✨ Lilith

✨ Lunar nodes

✨ Fortune point

✨ Ascendant

✨ Midheaven

This will be delivered within approximately 72 business hours to the email you provide when making the purchase. Please remember that the calculations will be based on the data provided, so it's important to review that the information is correct and fill out all the requested fields.

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