The Solar Return in Astrology: A Journey into the Personal Yearly Cycle

"Solar Return", a practice that allows astrologers to interpret a person's birth chart for the coming year from the exact moment the Sun returns to its natal position.

What is the Solar Return?

The Solar Return is an astrological technique that consists of calculating the position of the planets at the moment the Sun returns to its natal position on a person's birthday. This event is known as "Solar Return" and marks the start of a new personal annual cycle in astrology.

The astral map of the Solar Return is calculated for the geographical place where the person celebrates his birthday . This new map shows the position of the planets in the sky at the exact moment of Solar Return. Unlike the natal chart, which represents the celestial arrangement at birth, the Solar Return shows the trends and energies that will influence a person's life in the coming year.

Interpretation of the Solar Return

Astrologers interpret the Solar Return to provide a more detailed and specific view of the coming year for the individual. Some important factors to keep in mind during interpretation include:

  1. Planetary Aspects: The angular relationships between the planets in the Solar Return are analyzed. Positive aspects, such as conjunctions or trines, indicate opportunities and fortune, while tense aspects, such as squares or oppositions, can signal challenges and lessons to be learned.

  2. Position of the Sun and the Moon: The Sun and the Moon in the Solar Return show the central themes of the year. The Sun represents identity and purpose, while the Moon reflects emotions and emotional well-being.

  3. Aspects with the Natal Map: The planets of the Solar Return are compared with the natal map to see how the energies of the coming year interact with the individual's personality and destiny.

  4. Life Sectors: The specific areas of life that will be most active during the year are identified: love, work, health, family, etc.

  5. Transits of the Slow Planets: The position of the slow planets, such as Saturn and Jupiter, in the Solar Return is also taken into account, since their transits can have a significant impact on the year.

It is important to note that the Solar Return does not predict concrete and specific events, but rather provides guidance on the energies and trends that will influence an individual's life in the coming year. It is a powerful tool for reflection and preparation, allowing the individual to make more conscious decisions aligned with their life path.

The Solar Return is a valuable resource for understanding the patterns and energies that will occur over the next year in a person's life. By exploring the different facets of this special astral map, it is possible to seize opportunities and face challenges with greater wisdom and authenticity. Astrology, as a whole, remains a fascinating tool for self-exploration and personal growth.

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