Discovering the Birth Chart: A Map of Your Inner Being

In the vast and mysterious cosmos, the stars and celestial bodies have been the object of fascination and study since time immemorial. Astrology, an ancient discipline, has explored the connection between the position of the planets and stars in the sky and how this can influence our personality and destiny. At the heart of astrology is the "Birth Chart", a unique map that reveals the deepest secrets of our inner being. In this article, we will venture to discover what the Birth Chart is and how it can shed light on the mysteries of our lives.

What is the Astral Chart?

The Astral Chart, also known as Natal Chart or Astral Map, is a precise graphic representation that captures the position of the stars at the exact moment of our birth. To create this map, it is essential to have specific information: the date, time and place of birth. Each of these details is a brick that builds the structure of our Astral Chart, making it unique and unrepeatable for each individual.

The Complexity of the Zodiac

The Birth Chart is based on the zodiac, an imaginary band in the sky that is divided into twelve astrological signs. Each sign represents a specific constellation and is associated with different characteristics and personalities. The twelve signs are distributed along the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun in its annual movement.

The Planets and Their Messengers

In the creation of the Astral Chart, astrologers take into account the position of the planets in relation to the zodiacal signs. Each planet represents an archetypal energy, a force that shapes different aspects of our personality and life experience. The Sun, for example, is a symbol of our identity and purpose, the Moon connects us with our deepest emotions, and Mercury rules our communication and way of thinking.

Astrological Houses: The Facets of Life

The Astral Chart is divided into twelve astrological houses, each one representing a particular sphere of our life. These houses describe areas such as love, work, family, spirituality, and more. The placement of the planets within these houses influences how these energies manifest in our day to day.

Interpretation and Self-knowledge

The interpretation of the Astral Chart is a subtle and complex art. Astrologers study the relationship between the planets, signs, and houses to unravel patterns, trends, and possible challenges in our lives. By exploring our Birth Chart, we can gain valuable insights into our strengths, weaknesses, and the purpose of our existence. In addition, it allows us to identify opportunities for personal growth and make more conscious decisions aligned with our goals and deepest desires.


The Astral Chart is a powerful instrument that connects us with the vast universe and, at the same time, invites us to look within. Although astrology and the interpretation of the Astral Chart can be controversial for some, for others, it is a valuable tool for self-knowledge and the exploration of our human potential. By understanding our Birth Chart, we can embrace the complexity of our own existence and unveil the cosmic dance that subtly influences our lives. So why not venture out to discover the mysteries of our being through the Astral Chart? The journey of self-discovery is ready to begin.

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